10 Steps to Creating an Effective Digital Strategy

By Sadique Kwatsima (Director Research and Data Analytics Operations, SG Big Data Research and Consulting). Digital strategy is the process of integrating digital technologies into business models to create new differentiating capabilities. In the future, all business strategies will be digital strategies. Digital strategy aims to leverage technology to enhance business performance. Technology can be leveraged through development of new products or reimagining of existing business processes. The digital strategy also outlines an organization’s strategy for leveraging technology to create competitive edge, as well as strategies to assist accomplish the goal. Many business strategies fail because of lack of a structure. The following is a roadmap for an effective digital strategy. 1. “Why” Statement The rationale for a business strategy starts here. The “Why” statement provides a reason why your business exists. The statement also provides reason it will be much easier to craft an effective brand story, engaging content,

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